'Haunted Australia' visited the Rosewood Hotel.
'Haunted Australia' visited the Rosewood Hotel. Contributed

Ghost hunters back at Rosewood Hotel to raise the spirits

GHOST hunters are headed back to the Rosewood Hotel and this time they have a device that never fails to raise the spirits.

Evoking images among those not in the know of those backpacks in Ghostbusters, the spirit-seeking devices are apparently always dead right.

The Haunted Australia team recently dropped into the hotel renowned as much for the spirits in the ether as the ones served across the bar.

As the QT has reported down the years, Rosewood Hotel owner David Pahlke says the pub has three spirits - one an old lady often seen on the back veranda, another an African-American soldier who was shot dead in the back in the pub during the Second World War.

The third, Rusty the water ghost he first encountered when he bought the pub in 2002, but he has gone off the boil lately for some reason.

Kade Jones is the lead investigator and executive producer of Haunted Australia, a team that researches and investigates potentially haunted locations.

Kade said he'd heard whispers about spirits at Rosewood Hotel and his team's visit lived up to the pub's reputation.

"We thought it could be an interesting place to start the year off. It was very interesting to say the least," he said. "Several of us went into the rooms upstairs and you could definitely feel movement.

"But we can't say anything definite because one of our main pieces of equipment, CCTV, floundered on us."

It wasn't the only thing that went on the blink that night, Kade said. People trying to take photos on the night found their images turned out a strange purple colour.

"Everyone was getting the same result," he said.

"My partner knows how to take photos but the same happened to her.

"Then I had a crack and exactly the same thing happened. It's one thing if it was a couple of people, but 20-25 people having the same result...

"We've only been to two or three places where cameras have been affected."

Some of the people at the pub had some sort of psychic ability including psychic Kellie Corrigan, while others were just there to watch.

Nevertheless, Kade said, "various numbers of people had the same reaction, including nightmares in the days afterwards".

"We will be going back on March 14. We're very eager to get back in there," he said.

"It definitely warrants further investigation."

He didn't want to give away trade secrets about the spirit-seeking device he'll bring but said it was "a continuous power source to bring them out to show themselves".

"We've used this device five times in the last two years and it's worked every time. We'll also line the place with cameras and motion sensors."

Kade said it wasn't a matter of looking for something believing it was there so much as testing to see if something was there.

"For our team, we need to go in with an open mind," he said. "If there's a sceptic in the team it's me. It's our objective to complete a full report. My role is to debunk. It takes a lot to impress me. We have come across several places that have no answers. One was Kenmore asylum in Goulburn."