NEW STUDENTS: Prep enrolments at Rosedale State School tripled this year.
NEW STUDENTS: Prep enrolments at Rosedale State School tripled this year. Brenda Strong

Positivity praised as school prep intake more than trebles

A POSITIVE approach is behind Rosedale State School's good reputation in the community, according to Principal Kerrie Moore, whose Prep enrolments tripled this year.

Fourteen Prep students started class in 2014, compared to four last year.

Ms Moore was unsure why numbers had increased so significantly as her community had a transient population.

However, she firmly believed in supporting positive behaviour of children and said Rosedale State School had gained respect from the community through its commitment to nurturing children and teaching ethics of responsibility, respect and safety.

Rosedale teachers focus on rewarding students for good behaviour, not punishing them for bad behaviour.

Two things set the Positive Behaviour Support network of schools to which Rosedale belongs apart from others, according to Ms Moore.

"It's the belief that most kids do the right thing most of the time. Our focus is on that and we have a rewards program to encourage students to be safe, responsible and respectful," she said.

The students are awarded points when they behave positively, which add towards a reward such as a bowling outing or a luncheon.

"We also believe behaviour needs to be explicitly taught. So we teach them what being responsible, respectful and safe looks like," Ms Moore said.

"It's about teaching kids what it looks like to be respectful in a playground or waiting for the bus.

"That's been a really positive thing, I believe."

It seems Rosedale's parents agree.