Port City Power’s Katie Rose on the move on Friday night.
Port City Power’s Katie Rose on the move on Friday night. Mike Richards

Rose comes off the bench to rein in Mackay

KATIE Rose only scored four baskets in McDonald's Port City Power's loss to Mackay on Friday night, but each time it put an end to one of the visitors' runs.

Halting the growing lead of Mackay, Rose was active and enthusiastic coming off the bench, and was the go-to when Mackay were on a scoring streak.

Ultimately, the hustle of Rose and the Power women was not enough, four of the team reaching five fouls and so spending the remainder of the match on the bench.

"It was very tough, we had four fouled out," Rose said.

Rose was one of those four, along with Rebecca Haynes, Madelyn Willey and Rachael Pryor.

Despite the loss Rose was impressed with the resilience of the Power, who showed they are still championship contenders.

"It was good for us as a team, I think a lot of people wrote us off," she said. "It is a pretty good vibe."

The effort left Rose with a swollen eye after the match.

"Offense has never been my thing, I mainly try to work on rebounds and defence," she said.

The task now will be to find where some more points will come from for the Power, only Jessica Bibby's 42 breaking double figures for the Power.

"The rest of us need to pick it up but our D (defence) was good," Rose said.

"Our defence will just get better, we struggle to get five on five at training so we will go into the next Mackay game confident.

The next task for the Power is a double header away to the south after a bye week, but everything from here will be to chase Mackay later in the season.

Power v Mackay

  •  Quarter time 22-16 Mackay
  •  Half-time 39-36 Mackay
  •  Three-quarter time 64-61 Mackay
  •  Full-time 86-79 Mackay