DEVASTATED: Dawn Polkinghorne mourns with her chihuahua Jesse after her other dog Molly was mauled to death.
DEVASTATED: Dawn Polkinghorne mourns with her chihuahua Jesse after her other dog Molly was mauled to death. Warren Lynam

Rogue dog mauls beloved pet to death on Coast street

TRAUMATISED Coast resident Dawn Polkinghorne fears a rogue dog which mauled her beloved pet to death will strike again if it is not caught soon.

Mrs Polkinghorne was walking her pomeranian Molly and chihuahua Jesse on leashes along Talara St in Currimundi about 4.15pm on Wednesday when a short, stocky, blue or grey dog attacked.

"I could hear a mower going so I looked up the driveway," Mrs Polkinghorne, 67, said.

"By the time I looked back, the dog had grabbed a hold of my little dog.

"I've got no idea where the dog has come from."

She said she screamed as the roaming dog mauled Molly on the footpath.


Dawn Polkinghorne is devastated after her Pomeranian was mauled to death.Dawn is pictured with her other dog Jesse
Dawn Polkinghorne's pomeranian Molly was mauled to death on Wednesday afternoon. Warren Lynam

Residents came out to help and a passer-by pulled into a driveway as the attack continued.

Mrs Polkinghorne said a girl, about 12 or 13 years old, was able to free Molly from the dog's jaws.

The passer-by let Mrs Polkinghorne jump in her car with her injured dog and rushed them to a vet at Battery Hill.

But Molly was already dead.

"The vet said her little chest was crushed.

"She didn't have a chance, there was nothing of her."

Mrs Polkinghorne said in the chaos she didn't see where the attacking dog went.

She has been left devastated by the trauma and loss.

"When you witness something like that it is going to be a long time before I can deal with it."

She said Molly was a lovely-natured dog.

"She was the most placid thing you could come across."

Mrs Polkinghorne said she had reported the attack to Sunshine Coast Council.

"I hope and pray the council can find the dog and have it put down.

"There are a lot of people I meet and greet who have got little dogs who walk that area."

A council spokeswoman on Thursday confirmed council officers were investigating but had not found the dog which mauled Molly to death.

The spokeswoman said residents needed to be aware of the importance of making sure dogs were properly contained at homes and were not allowed to roam.