Top NAPLAN schools revealed
Top NAPLAN schools revealed Toowoomba Chronicle

Rocky's top NAPLAN schools revealed

THE top performing primary school students in Rockhampton have been revealed after a major analysis of 2018 NAPLAN scores.

The detailed analysis of results across Queensland found Year 5 students at Emerald North State School improved their NAPLAN scores more than any other cohort in the Rockhampton region.

To find how each cohort improved the school's average NAPLAN score was compared to the state's average score for 2016 Year 3 and 2018 Year 5.

Students at Emerald North State School improved their average scores 61.2 points from Year 3 to Year 5, the biggest improvement in Rockhampton.

The second most improved school was Tieri State School where average scores improved 35.6 points from Year 3 to Year 5.

Across Queensland the most improved school was Lowood State School where the Year 5 cohort improved the average NAPLAN score by 76 points compared to their 2016 results.

The NAPLAN test remains controversial among educators and parents with concerns it does not fully capture everything a student learns at school.

A Queensland Government response to an independent review of the test stated NAPLAN remained important to maintain school accountability.

At the time Queensland education minister Grace Grace called for a nation-wide review of the test.

But the test is seen as an important way to view a school cohort at one moment in time and schools use the results to improve teaching.


Rockhampton's most improved schools

Emerald North State School: 61.2 point increase

Tieri State School: 35.6 point increase

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School: 35.2 point increase

Blackwater State School: 26.2 point increase

Barcaldine Prep-12 State School: 24.8 point increase

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School: 21.6 point increase

Blackall State School: 21.2 point increase

Taroom State School: 18.6 point increase

Mount Archer State School: 16.8 point increase

Denison State School: 16.4 point increase