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'Rock bottom': Former primary school teacher jailed

A FORMER primary school teacher has been sentenced to six months jail after a court heard the devastating downward spiral her life took when a friend introduced her to meth.

Davida Erica Toi, 43 pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to several drug offence charges including possess dangerous drugs and utensils.

Toi lived a blameless and crime-free life up until 2016, after she met with a friend for coffee who encouraged her to try methamphetamine.

Toi had confided in the family-friend she was struggling to cope and raise the children she and her partner shared, who travelled for work, on her own.

The court was told Toi suffered from post-natal depression but upon trying the drug felt "invigorated". Toi felt she was able to carry on with her duties of caring for her children, the court was told.

Toi became addicted and tried to hide her drug use from her partner. The court was told when he found out he took the children and left.

Since then Toi has been before the courts several times for drug-related offending, the most recent on March 15, 2019 when she was found in possession of a pipe.

Earlier in the year on January 20 Toi was busted in possession of .3 grams of meth and a glass bulb.

Defence lawyer Bianca Hight said her client had been addicted to the drug but was clean after 50 days in jail.

Ms Hight told the court as a child Toi was subject to neglect and abuse at the hands of the gang her family was involved in.

But as soon as she was old enough, Toi turned her life around and vowed "never to hurt anyone".

Toi enrolled and completed several certificates in business and hospitality before becoming a primary school teacher.

Toi had found the "love of her life" at 19-years-old and the pair had children together.

The family moved to Gladstone seven years ago to put themselves in a better financial situation, the court was told.

The move, raising her children on her own and a friend's encouragement would be her undoing.

"She has hit rock bottom in prison, but she is thankful it helped her get clean," Ms Hight said.

"She now goes to church every Sunday. When she gets out of jail she wants to leave Gladstone, get a job and be there for her children.

"This is a very sad story of what drugs can do to a person."

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella agreed Toi had a tough and traumatic upbringing but managed to make a life for herself.

Toi was sentenced to six months' jail with parole release on June 5. A conviction was recorded.