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Robin Williams' family given deadline for will

ROBIN Williams' family have been given two more months to fight over his estate in private.

The late actor's widow Susan Williams and his three children Zelda, 25, Cody, 23 and Zak, 31, have been given the timescale in which they must try to come to an agreement on how to divide the star's fortune and personal effects.

A judge ruled on Monday that the family of the actor - who tragically committed suicide last August - must make a decision by July 29, court papers obtained by the New York Daily News reveal.

A source told the newspaper: "It's very sad. [Susan] is well taken care of, but she just wishes that he left her more.

"This is very, very hard on the kids. Everyone is hoping this can be worked out, but the kids are not going to do anything counter to their dad's wishes. If she is unreasonable, they're not going to let her wear them down. They want to enforce what he said."

Susan has previously claimed her husband's trust was "ambiguous" in some places whilst Robin's children insist the trust clearly states that they should become the rightful owners of the personal items belonging to the late star.