Cambooya hobby farmers Samarra Davis and Troy Caldicott feed their herd after one of their calves was killed by a roaming dog.
Cambooya hobby farmers Samarra Davis and Troy Caldicott feed their herd after one of their calves was killed by a roaming dog. Stuart Cumming

Roaming dogs maul calf to death on Cambooya hobby farm

FINDING one of his calves after it was mauled to death by roaming dogs has left Cambooya man Troy Caldicott angry and frustrated.

His partner Samarra Davis is so worried about their 15-head herd's safety she has taken to sleeping in a shed near their cattle yards.

It comes after a four-month-old calf was attacked and killed by a dog or dogs on Sunday night.

Mr Caldicott was feeding cattle at his Cudmore Rd hobby farm on Monday morning when he noticed a calf and its mother were missing.

"Well she was laying down beside her dead calf," Mr Caldicott said.

"It made me pretty angry when I got down there and I saw what had happened."

The mauled calf was missing an ear and its tail.

It had extensive bite marks on its nose, its bottom jaw had been crushed and it was severely wounded on its bottom.

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Mr Caldicott said roaming dogs were not a new issue, but it was the first time in his eight years on the property that stock had been killed.

Until now, he had been catching the roaming dogs and having them collected by Toowoomba Regional Council animal management staff.

"I've caught the same dogs over and over again."

He was frustrated that despite the dogs being caught repeatedly, the problem continued.

"My frustration at the moment is with the council.

"The council don't seem to be following up on any of the legislative requirements (for dog owners) to do what they are required to do."

His neighbours Rick and Alison Beecroft gave their flock of 11 Damara sheep away a fortnight ago after two were killed and others were mauled by roaming animals.

The Beecrofts started grazing the flock at their hobby farm in 2010 and had no problems with attacks until about six weeks ago.

Since then they have had two attacks which have caused them great anguish and large vet bills.

"We love dogs. We have got one of our own, but they need to be maintained," Mr Beecroft said.

"People have got a responsibility."

Meanwhile, Mr Caldicott said it was likely he would shoot any roaming dog he saw in his paddocks.

"If they do come on my property and they do look like they are going to be a threat, I'm going to take measures to protect my livestock."

Toowoomba Regional Council has been contacted for comment.

Stopping straysToowoomba Regional Council's website states:

Enclosures must be used as a method of containing your dogs to your property.

The enclosure must be suitable for the size and breed of your dogs and be able to prevent it from escaping your property.

Running wires and electronic fencing are not a recognised or suitable sole method of containing your dogs.