Adam Samuel Barton was sentenced in Noosa Magistrates Court on Tuesday for a road rage incident. Picture: Social media.
Adam Samuel Barton was sentenced in Noosa Magistrates Court on Tuesday for a road rage incident. Picture: Social media.

Road rage dad flips out after woman’s rude gesture

A dad behaved like a "complete fool" when he chased after a woman who flipped him the bird on a Coast road, a court has heard.

Adam Samuel Barton pleaded guilty in Noosa Magistrates Court on Tuesday to dangerous driving, repeat unlicensed driving, weapons possession and drug possession.

Police prosecutor Alison Johnstone said Barton abused a woman and drove dangerously in Tewantin on November 28, last year, after she flipped him the bird.

He was unlicensed at the time.

Sergeant Johnstone said Barton reversed towards the woman, got out of his vehicle and shouted abuse at her.

"The informant then to avoid him drives away but he has gone after her," Sgt Johnstone said.

"Then from this point the passenger has the good sense to film what occurs.

"You can see the defendant's vehicle approaching and overtaking on the left shoulder … (and) the victim's vehicle is forced to take evasive action."

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She said Barton was ahead of the victim when he suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and forced her to slam on her brakes.

She said there were two females and an infant child in the car at the time and suggested a suspended sentence as an appropriate sentence.

"It was the victim's good actions that avoided the crash not the behaviour of the defendant who attempted to cause and accident by his dangerous driving," Sgt Johnstone said.

Solicitor Bernard Bradley said while provocation was not a defence to dangerous driving it could be used in mitigating Barton's actions.

"The defendant is known to the defendant and she feels animosity towards him, she has baited him, and he has taken it hook, line and sinker," he said.

Mr Bradley said Barton spent a lot of time in the United Sates purchasing old cars, which he restored in Australia.

He asked Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin not to record a conviction.

Mr Bradley said Barton ignored his licence suspension when he drove.

"While he has been away, he sold one of these cars and … one of his customers has been driving around raking up speeding fines and he is going through that with SPER," he said.

Mr McLaughlin said Barton was given an opportunity to calm down when the victim initially drove away, but he instead behaved like a "complete fool".

"This is childlike behaviour and your using your car as a tool to be a tough guy, (it's) really very stupid," he said.

"Overtaking on the wrong side is just ridiculous driving, there is absolutely no need for it."

Barton was also found in possession of a taser, fireworks, a small amount of marijuana and a pipe in Black Mountain on May 19.

Barton was fined $1000 for the driving offences and was disqualified for seven months.

He was placed on a $200 good behaviour bond and ordered to attend drug diversion.

He was fined $200 for possessing the firework and taser

No convictions were recorded.