Flooded Road
Flooded Road

Road closures and water over road warnings for Central Queensland

With lots of rainfall forecast for Central Queensland this weekend, it is also expected there will be some road closures or warnings about water over the road.

Here is a list of what is closed or has warnings issued by Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads as of 9.35am Saturday, March 7:


Neils Road, Barmaryee has water over the road. Long-term flooding. Proceed with caution.

Closed - Flash flooding on Stanage Bay Road, Canoona

Closed - Flash flooding, Old Byfield Road, Lake Mary

Closed - Flash flooding, Waterpark Road, Byfield

Long term flooding at Tungamull on Keppel Sands Road between Hoffman Road and Tranquil Valley Road. Proceed with caution.


Outside Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast:



Capricorn Hwy, Comet, due to long-term flooding

Burnett Hwy, at Biloela/Dululu, due to flash flooding

Baralaba Woorabinda Rd, Alberta, due to flash flooding

Capricorn Hwy, Willows, due to long-term flooding

Blackwater Rolleston Road, Blackwater/Rolleston/Stewarton

Brief Street/Capricorn Highway/ Gregory Highway at Emerald/Port Wine due to long-term flooding

Baralaba Banana Road, Banana due to flash flooding





Carmila West Road/ Upper Carmila West Road, Carmila due to long-term flooding

Croydon Street/Saint Lawrence Croydon Road at Lotus Creek/Saint Lawrence due to flash-flooding

Ripplebrook Rd, Saint Lawrence, due to flash flooding

Duaringa Baralaba Road, Barnard due to flash flooding

Defence Road, Camboon/Cracow due to flash flooding

Majors Road, Carmila, due to long-term flooding

Ogmore Connection Road, Ogmore, due to flash flooding

May Downs Road, May Downs, due to long-term flooding

Dawson Development Road, Nandowrie, due to long-term flooding

Raglan Station Road, Raglan, due to flash flooding

Gentle Annie Road, Raglan, due to long-term flooding.

Hourigan Creek Road, Raglan, due to long-term flooding

Raglan Station Road, Ambrose/Raglan, due to long term flooding

The Narrows Road, Mount Larcom, due to long-term flooding

Nichols Rd, Targinnie, due to long-term flooding

Boyles Road, West Stowe, due to long-term flooding