Chantelle Ward is the newest recipient of the $10,000 Rio Tinto Alcan Here for Childcare start-up grant.
Chantelle Ward is the newest recipient of the $10,000 Rio Tinto Alcan Here for Childcare start-up grant. Christopher Chan

Initiative gives $10k grants to boost childcare places

CHILDCARE prayers are being answered, with Rio Tinto Alcan securing funding for 11 more home-based childcare centres in the region by 2015.

The company's Here for Childcare initiative is designed to enable locals to start their own home childcare businesses to alleviate the strain on working parents in the region.

Chantelle Ward was a recent recipient of a $10,000 start-up incentive from Rio Tinto Alcan, and she was ecstatic to be able to start her own business doing something she loved.

"Mum always said I was just a big kid myself and I love it, being able to create an exciting environment for the children," she said.

Ms Ward said it had taken her nearly two years to secure full-time daycare for her children, so the Rio Tinto Alcan initiative was a real boost for the area.

"I look after five kids for four days during the week, plus another after-school child as well as my own," she said.

"I'm providing care for mine and six other families."

Rio Tinto Alcan Childcare Program co-ordinator Tanya Canniffe said the $10,000 start-up could be used to pay for a variety of things, such as training certificates, educational resources and business insurance.

"We've had 10 family daycare educators start since we launched in March 2012," Ms Canniffe said.

"They (new family day care educators) get a lot of support from a business administration perspective as well as being able to network with other recipients of the start-up."

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