OPINION: Aus should follow suit on gay marriage

LAST week in Ireland they passed same sex marriage laws.

Wow, what a huge achievement.

My Irish friend Katie told me, that because it was a referendum, people (who are still registered to vote) flew back from all parts of the world just to have their say on what is one of the 21st century's biggest issues.

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Within the same week, we, Australia, have been involved in some pretty heated conversation regarding what we will do. Do we follow suit? Do we remain on our strict stance?

My opinion: legalise gay marriage. Growing up my parents always had homosexual friends. They taught me to love people regardless of their preferences for love.

Finally in 2015 we've modernised and come to the realisation that, while homosexual marriage may go against Christianity, so do drugs and murder and a whole lot of 'crimes' that are far worse than loving another of the same sex.

It makes me proud to think that when I have kids and grandchildren I can say "hey, I grew up in a time when that silly rule was abolished".

I try not to cloud my head too much with politics, but I couldn't go past seeing Bill Shorten's twitter and social media posts with his name signed on the dotted line.

Now we wait and see (hopefully not for too long).

I just know that if it was up to a referendum like Ireland, Australia would have already passed this law.

We'll it's not even really a law, just equality really.