Bundaberg's Jacob Marinelli is raising funds for MS by riding 100km this month after being unable to compete in the Brissy to the Bay.
Bundaberg's Jacob Marinelli is raising funds for MS by riding 100km this month after being unable to compete in the Brissy to the Bay.

Rider on a mission: Jacob’s incredible move for charity

CYCLING: Scottish band The Proclaimers would be proud of Bundaberg's Jacob Marinelli.

In their most famous song the duo wanted to walk a 1000 miles to get the person of their dreams.

Marinelli is on a quest, but riding and with a shorter distance, to help a charity.

The Bundaberg Cycling Club member is riding 1000km this month to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.

The 16-year-old was to ride in the MS Brissie to the Bay event, which is a 100km ride, from Brisbane to Moreton Bay.

But that was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, so participants could choose their own distance and do it virtually.

"I've decided to ride 1000km during the month of June for multiple sclerosis research," Marinelli said.

"I kind of thought that 1000 was a clean number.

"I thought it was a good number to go to.

"I'm hoping to reach a goal of 1000 dollars."

The journey to the milestone on Monday.

So far the St Luke's Anglican school student has ridden more than 150 kilometres and had raised almost $400 at 5pm yesterday.

He was inspired to do it through his father who offered him the chance to do the original cycle event.

"It's just good to help with something that affects so many people," he said.

And if he completes his goal on both accounts?

"I'll be sore, happy and hopefully fitter," he said.

"I'll feel pretty happy that I've able to help society in the way that I was able to.

"I've been able to use my hobby to help people."

Marinelli has only recently turned his attention to cycling after competing in triathlon.

The goal will force him to get up early most mornings this month, in the cold, to make sure he completes his target of 40km a day.

"I wake up at 4am, have something to eat, and get into my cycling gear," he said.

"I'll hop on my Wahoo KICKR, start at 4.30am and ride until 6.30am; that usually gets the 40km done.

"Then I get ready for school.

"If I didn't reach the 40km that morning I'll finish it in the afternoon."

Bundaberg Cycling Club president Wayne Morden said the club was proud of Marinelli.

"It's very inspirational that a young kid involved in our club is having a crack at this," Morden said.

He urged people to help the rider in any way they can.

"It's something we like to encourage the young riders to do within our club.

"We recognise cycling is a sport that crosses across many genres, it the context it can be good for organisations, fundraiser events and it is a good sport to partake in.

"I'll be training with him and club members are chipping in to help him reach his financial goal.

"We hope that people in the community can jump on board and give him a hand.

"We're not spending money on coffees anymore (with COVID-19) so if you can spare that cup of coffee to go to a good cause they'll benefit a lot."

To help Marinelli reach his goal or to give more, head to https://www.brissietothebay. com.au/fundraisers/jacobmarinelli.