Richard Furness took on the West Suburbs Spring Sprint Carnival over the weekend.
Richard Furness took on the West Suburbs Spring Sprint Carnival over the weekend. Jake Jones

Furness, 50, takes on young guns at Spring Sprint

RICHARD Furness stood on the blocks at the Spring Sprint ready for the 25m freestyle; the other men alongside him at least 30 years younger.

The men dove into the water for their race - the 50-year-old finishing third.

"I was about a second slower," he said.

In the boys 16-and-over 15m butterfly, Furness finished second behind Hayden Lester, who is 20.

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Lester swam it in 13.20s while Furness was only 0.7s behind him.

In the 50m freestyle, the 50-year-old was just over a second behind winner Patrick Crowe and 0.7s behind Lester again.

Impressively, he was able to beat four 15-year-olds and a 17-year-old.

In the 25m freestyle, he was pipped again by Crowe and Lester but by less than 0.4s and was able to beat 17-year-old Daniel Inglis again.

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In the final Dash for Cash, Crowe and Lester took the honours again but Richards' performance all day showed it wasn't a fluke.

He said the reason he started competing was because of his daughter Clara.

"When she goes to meets I go with her and swim in a couple races," he said.

The tall man is built for swimming and didn't look out of place in his Speedos around the younger swimmers, except for his chest hair.

"I swim with the Gladstone Gropers about three or four times a week," he said. "I used to swim as a kid but started again a couple of years ago."

The next Gladstone swimming event is the Liquid Energy carnival at the Gladstone pool where he could show the boys up.