HARD ROCK: Chisel Revived will play at the 2015 Boyne Tannum Hook Up on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.
HARD ROCK: Chisel Revived will play at the 2015 Boyne Tannum Hook Up on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Courtesy Chisel Revived

Chisel tribute band revived and ready to rock

CHISEL Revived vocalist Carter Roser's kids haven't carried on his love for rock and roll.

Carter, who leads the Aussie Cold Chisel tribute band and mirrors Jimmy Barnes, said his three children were unlikely to follow in his footsteps.

"My daughter loves all that dance rubbish like rap and all that 'homie' nonsense," he laughed.

"She's lost it and gone down the wrong road."

But at least Carter is living his own dream, performing classic Cold Chisel hits to appreciative crowds around the country.

"It's not like a normal working band, this is more outright fun," he said, speaking to Pulse ahead of the band's gig at the 20th Boyne Tannum Hook Up next weekend.

"It's a labour of love. We never rehearse anymore and it's fun because we already know the stuff.

"We can do two gigs in one week and another the next. The money is continuing to climb up."

Carter has worked hard in trying to mimic Jimmy Barnes over the years but still finds the different sounds in his voice difficult to master.

"I have to scream for two hours sometimes," he said.

"Jimmy had a clear voice with no rasp but later on he started getting a real husky distortion over his voice.

"Maybe he just drank a lot of vodka. He was a crazy young rock and roll star."

The tribute band is made up of five members who range from 35-45. They are all huge Cold Chisel fans.

Carter said he liked how unique the band's sound was compared to other bands in the era.

"It's a cross between all different modes," he said.

"It's reggae, rock and roll and heavy metal. You couldn't put them beside any other band.

"We also do a bunch of Jimmy Barnes hits because people love him."

Carter's favourite song of the bands' is When the War Is Over.

"It was actually written by the drummer (Steve Prestwich)," he said. "They don't usually write beautiful songs like that."

So what does a rocker like Carter do in their spare time?

"I read a lot of history and psychology and I like all those social sciences," Carter said.

"I become a bit of a nerd when I get home. I like all things Viking."

Carter said he was keen to check out the Gladstone region for their performance in Boyne Island next weekend.

"I have never been there before but I hear it's supposed to be the biggest fishing event in the southern hemisphere."

The 2015 Boyne Tannum Hook Up will be held on June 5, 6 and 7 at Bray Park. The band will perform from 7.30-10pm on the Saturday.