Audrey and Emma figure out clues to find Noah.
Audrey and Emma figure out clues to find Noah.

REVIEW: Plot takes an unexpected turn in The Vanishing

AT first I couldn't believe it.

Then sadly I was forced to accept it.

MTV's addictive mystery series Scream, based loosely (extremely loosely) on the 90s horror classic, did something unspeakably cruel on tonight's episode, titled The Vanishing.

For the second season in a row, Noah Foster has had his love interest brutally murdered and just one week after he lost his virginity to her.

Now usually that would put Noah himself in the firing line - and trust me, he didn't get off lightly - but the killer circumvented the rules and went after the beautiful, mysterious Zoe instead.

I'd be lying if I didn't say part of me suspected Zoe of being the killer, or at least an accomplice to the main killer, due to the number of hints being dropped.

That meant one of two things: she would be unveiled in a blaze of glory, or she would be a victim before too long.

Sadly, it was the latter.

In the episodes leading up to The Vanishing, Zoe was coming between two of the main characters, Noah and Audrey, who tagged themselves as a crime fighting duo last season, Bicurious and the Virgin.

This year there has been plenty of conflict between the lead characters, thanks to Audrey's connection with last season's killer, Piper.

The big reveal that Audrey brought Piper to Lakewood has caused friction in all of Audrey's relationships, especially with Emma, and has made her a target for the killer, who wants her to look as guilty as possible.

I'll admit to having a level of frustration with Emma, who clearly doesn't understand how badly she hurt Audrey when she abandoned their friendship, instead choosing to heap blame upon her for their present predicament.

And the conversation has strangely steered away from Emma's involvement in the video that circulated of Audrey and her love interest, Rachel, making out that sparked a round of cyber bullying.

Audrey forgave Emma for that, but up until the end of last night's episode, Emma seemed happy to ignore her own behaviour and play right into the killer's hands.

But back to tonight's episode.

What was Noah thinking?

He is the sleuth to end all sleuths. He knows the score, he knows the killer's dastardly tactics and he still allowed himself to be led into the woods looking for his girlfriend.

Of course it ends with Noah being stabbed and Audrey and Emma being thrown together in a twisted game of Cluedo so they can rescue him before he runs out of air after he is buried alive.

Well, happily they put aside their problems long enough to find Noah, but sadly saving Zoe was not part of the killer's plan.

My heart was broken for Noah, who stood by Zoe last week in spite of the damning evidence against her regarding the recording of Audrey's confession that was sent to Emma.

One part of the episode I was really happy with was the bits regarding Brandon James.

The mysterious backstory that permeated last season, with the town outcast who was allegedly killed in strange circumstances after a murdering spree, hasn't had much of an airing this season.

But the sheriff and Emma's mum Maggie have had a lot of interesting discussions of late about the town's boogeyman and it's reignited my interest.

The sheriff appears convinced Brandon is out for revenge and tells Maggie he could be involved in the latest killings.

That said, I think Brandon James is a red herring despite the big reveal that he could well still be alive.

I think we've seen the killer, we just need to work out who it is.

It could be Kieran, who was mysteriously absent during the episode.

So was Stavo, the sheriff's son who's own father suspects him.

Eli made one weird appearance at the end that almost convinced me it can't be him.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.