REVEALED: Which mayors, councillors get payrise from July 1

ON THE eve of Gladstone Regional Council's 2020-21 budget, the topic of councillors' wages is on the lips of many, and from July 1, they all received a payrise.

This rise results in Mayor Matt Burnett pocketing more than $158,000 a year.

The wages of Gladstone councillors and all Queensland Local Government representatives are scrutinised by the Local Government Remuneration Commission LGRC.

Councils across Queensland come under eight different categories ranging from the smaller councils to the largest, Gold Coast City Council.

Gladstone, Rockhampton and Bundaberg are all classed as category four councils.

According to the commission's recommendations, this could have resulted in mayors receiving$158,168, deputy mayors $104,059 and councillors $91,571, from July 1.

Voting on the pay increase is not compulsory.

As Gladstone councillors did not vote, the payrise takes effect from July 1, as recommended by the commission.

In June, Rockhampton Regional councillors voted not to adopt the recommended payrise advised by the LGRC.

This means Rockhampton's Mayor, Margaret Strelow, will receive $151,878, not the commission's recommended $158,168.

Deputy Mayor Neil Fisher knocked back an increase of $2070 and will receive $102,019.

Rockhampton councillors get paid $89,775 after voting against a $1,796 pay increase.

A Bundaberg Regional Council spokesman said there was no requirement for councillors to vote on the commission's recommendation.

"So they will be getting what the Local Government Renumeration Commission recommended last year," he said.

In comparison, Gold Coast City mayor Tom Tate receives $258,066, the deputy Donna Gates $178,981, and councillors $154,006.

In the closest NSW council to Queensland, Tweed Shire, mayors and councillors are paid dramatically less.

The Mayor of Tweed Shire, Katie Milne received $61,430, according to the NSW Local Government Remuneration Tribunal review in 2017, and councillors a maximum of $19,310.


What elected councillors get paid from July 1.

Gladstone - Mayor - $158,168, Deputy Mayor $104,059, councillors - $91,571

Rockhampton - Mayor - $151,878, Deputy Mayor - $102,019

Bundaberg - Mayor - $158,168, Deputy Mayor - $104,059, councillors - $91,571