The Federal Government is hopeful a UQ vaccine for COVID-19 will begin to be distributed to Australians from July 2021.

Health Minister Greg Hunt this morning announced CSL has completed manufacturing it's Covid-19 vaccine for phase-three clinical trials and will seek regulatory approval to commence the UQ trials before the end of this year.

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"It means that this vaccine will potentially be available for delivery to Australians early in the third quarter of 2021," Mr Hunt said.

"Our national goal is to ensure that all Australians who seek to be vaccinated are vaccinated by the end of 2021."

Mr Hunt said initial trials have shown strong outcomes for the vaccine in terms of safety and immune response.

"The vaccines are on track to do what they are intended to do," he said.

Mr Hunt said a successful vaccine strategy across Australia will open up freedoms around distancing in public places like restaurants and international travel.


"What vaccination does is it opens up the possibility of travel for Australians, so they can travel safely, they can return safely, it reduces the need for hotel quarantine if somebody has been vaccinated."

Mr Hunt said vaccination would likely see international borders open progressively to various countries.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the UQ jab was ahead of schedule. Picture: Sean Davey.
Health Minister Greg Hunt said the UQ jab was ahead of schedule. Picture: Sean Davey.


"It will be a progressive opening through the course of 2021," he said.

"I'm an ideal world if the vaccination strategy is completed as we anticipate then by the end of 2021 then we will be very close to widespread international travel."

Originally published as Revealed: When you could get UQ's COVID vaccine