Yeppoon sisters Ella and Layne Fleming are the brains behind new swimwear line, Layla Swimwear.
Yeppoon sisters Ella and Layne Fleming are the brains behind new swimwear line, Layla Swimwear. Shayla Bulloch

REVEALED: What will be the new name for Livingstone Shire?

ONCE upon a time in a coastal community not far away, the sleepy village of Yeppoon and even sleepier village of Emu Park were home to a few thousand folk who loved their sleepy, beach lifestyle.

Skipping the part about princesses, dragons and white knights in shining armour, over time that all changed.

Now Livingstone Shire is about to become a city, though a question remains around the name of the new land.

The factual land of Livingstone is a democracy, so the people will be consulted before the knights of the rectangular table proceed with a formal change of classification application to the Minister for Local Government.

Should they be named Capricorn Coast City Council, or Capricorn Coast Regional Council?

The question is whether the name Capricorn Coast Regional Council can be pursued when under the Local Government Regulation 2012, a Local Government Area is declared a region when two or more LGAs amalgamate.


The coastal town of Yeppoon.
The coastal town of Yeppoon. Contributed

However, the man they call King Billy, Mayor Bill Ludwig said after discussions with the Minister he believed the definition could be reviewed.

At more than 11,800 sq km and with a coastline stretching 300kms, Livingstone Shire covers an area larger than many regional councils.

It's been almost five years since the council resolved to proceed with a formal city status classification, but took no action.

Since the initial resolution in February 2014, there has been no substantial progress due to a focus on capital works and other projects.

With the bulk of that work finished, and a lot of public discussion in the air, council has decided it's time to refocus and yesterday reconfirmed its commitment to proceed with a formal change of classification, with the preferred name, Capricorn Coast Regional Council.



The $50M upgrade will enhance the ability to increase the ability for the club to hold more sporting, events and conferences on the Capricorn Coast
TIME FOR CHANGE: A name change would give the Capricorn Coast region an identifier to reflect its character.

"This is all about positioning Livingstone for future economic development potential, and having a name that identifies our area as a premier tourist destination," Cr Ludwig said.

"Over the last 30 years, millions of dollars has been put into promoting the Capricorn Coast, so the name would reflect that.

"In Brisbane people would be flat our knowing where Livingstone is, but as Capricorn Coast Regional Council, they would know it's a coastal destination.

"We effectively already have city status, we've met all the criteria since 2000.

"With all the marketing by Capricorn Enterprise, Tourism Events Qld and other international promotion, it just makes common sense to reflect that.

"It's time to move on and take advantage of the opportunities into the future."


  • The area must be the centre of a region providing commercial, industrial, health and public sector services.
  • A population of at least 25,000 for three years immediately before declaration (pop 37,290)
  • A population of at least 15,000 people in its urban centre (Yeppoon 18,741)
  • A population density of at least 150 people for each square kilometre of its urban centre. (Yeppoon 238 per sq km)