Rattler's first run - Saturday October 6, 2018.
Rattler's first run - Saturday October 6, 2018. Donna Jones

REVEALED: Rattler releases passenger numbers since return

THE Rattler Railway Company has confirmed more than 3800 passengers have travelled on the train since its return in October.

The 3800 figure, divided by two trips per three active Rattler days every week, averages out to about 82 passengers per trip out of a 247-seat capacity - roughly 33 per cent full.

An RRC spokeswoman said the organisation considered guest numbers so far to be "consistent".


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"The Rattler Railway Company is very pleased with the response to the Rattler's return ... and the train being sold out several times, with weekend morning trains being the most popular," she said.

"We're thrilled with the way Queenslanders have embraced the return of the Rattler, so much so that we will continue with our trial of Retro Fridays, the short haul trip to Monkland on the Silver Bullet rail motor paired with breakfast or lunch at the Platform No.1 Café throughout December.

"We have also planned some very special trips to celebrate Christmas including our Twilight Christmas Train on December 14, which will also provide guests the opportunity to enjoy the Amamoor End of Year celebrations.

"The Rattler has strong support from the local community, particularly our strong group of volunteers. More and more locals are also taking advantage of our Rattler Mates program. We are pleased also that the Rattler is attracting a lot of visitors to the region which is good for everyone."

The spokeswoman said the RRC was "anticipating big numbers over the Christmas holidays" and expected the popularity of Retro Fridays to grow alongside general passenger numbers.

She said there were also "private charter services" to factor into the train's popularity since returning to the tracks.