BOAT CLAIMS: New data from the RACQ reveals what types of boats are in the most accidents.
BOAT CLAIMS: New data from the RACQ reveals what types of boats are in the most accidents. Mike Richards GLA271218SOCL

REVEALED: Most common causes of boat accidents in Gladstone

NEW data from the RACQ has revealed what sort of boats are involved in accidents and how they're being caused.

In the past three years 60 per cent of boat claims in Gladstone have been the result of collision with an object or property.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said statewide smaller vessels seemed more likely to come unstuck.

"From sandbars to piers and other boats, there are loads of obstacles to catch out the unwary or inexperienced,” Ms Hunter said.

Storm damage was the second leading cause of damage closely followed by damage while parked or unattended with five and four claims respectively.

Runabout boats were the most common type of boats damaged, followed by dinghies with 30 and eight claims.

Ms Hunter said as the Easter long weekend approached, boaties should think about the safety of themselves and their passengers.

"As Queensland boaties gear up for a long weekend of fun on the water, we want them to think about taking extra care and being focused and aware of their surroundings,” she said.

"Easter is a popular time for boating and even the most experienced skippers can easily run into trouble if they don't pay due care and attention.

"With lots of larger craft on the water it's important owners of smaller boats are conscious of their surroundings, follow the rules and ensure both they and their passengers wear appropriate safety equipment.”

Boat claims

Boat types

Runabout 30

Dinghy 8

Cruiser 3

Other 1

Loss cause

Collision with object/property 25

Storm 5

Damage while parked /unattended 4

Fire 3

Collision with vehicle 2

Grounding 2

Theft/ other 1