Set to kick off in
Set to kick off in "coming weeks and months" Mr O'Sullivan said East Shores would be transformed into a "state-of-the-art recreational hub". Gladstone Ports Corporation

REVEALED: Incredible footage of completed East Shores

ALL eyes were glued to the screen when an incredibly-detailed graphic design of a completed East Shores was shown to the audience at the Gladstone Engineering Alliance conference on Thursday.

Gladstone Ports Corporation Peter O'Sullivan presented the video to impressed crowds, revealing unheard details of part 1B of the major parkland redevelopment project.

Set to kick off in "coming weeks and months" Mr O'Sullivan said East Shores would be transformed into a "state-of-the-art recreational hub".

"One of the biggest changes will be the expansion of the carpark," Mr O'Sullivan said at the GEA conference.

"So buses can depart and we will be able to move thousands of passengers within an hour," he said.


East Shores Precinct Development Part 1B: East Shores Precinct Development Part 1B

Mr O'Sullivan said both existing and new boulevards and parks would connect so people could walk all the way to Auckland Point 1.

The project also features a cruise terminal plaza, cafe, boot camp and fitness area, outdoor cinema and a ferry transfer pontoon with a pool.

"The intent is that the pool water will come from Auckland Creek, so we don't have to use town water," he said.

"It will be a recycled water project."

He said project developers were initially concerned that the landmark fishing spot Patsy Lee Place would have to be taken apart.

"But we have been lucky enough to keep it in the design, it will be expanded upon and done up with a yoga and exercise platform," he said.


Mr O'Sullivan said the cafe would be one of the "waterfront highlights".

He said once built the kitchen would be outsourced to experienced locals.

The outdoor cinemas will be constructed partly where Players nightclub once operated, screening State of Origin games and family movies.

East Shores will also have Wifi, ample shade, seating, open space and barbecues.

"We also have the ferry transfer pontoon where we make sure when people get off the cruise ships they can hit the reef or go on a harbour tour," Mr O'Sullivan said.

"We plan to be able to accommodate up to 6000 passengers."

He said two major contracts, onshore and offshore projects would be broken down into several sub contracts that suppliers and contractors would soon be able to tender.

"We are a government-owned corporation and we operate under Queensland government policy," Mr O'Sullivan said.

"The Queensland procurement policy encourages local benefit testing, so we would be very keen on getting a good price for contracted work but also making sure we are maximising opportunity for local suppliers."

"We went to make sure the project is benefiting Gladstone once completed, but also during its construction."

He said suppliers and contractors could apply using the Q Tender process on the Queensland Government website.