Santa's plans on Christmas Day will all depend on the weather.
Santa's plans on Christmas Day will all depend on the weather. Matt Taylor GLA021218SANTA

REVEALED: How the weather will look on Christmas Day

GLADSTONE has seen the lingering effects of ex-tropical cyclone Owen head offshore as early forecasts show Christmas Day will be partly cloudy.

But it's not before we may see more rain, with possible showers and thunderstorms predicted for this weekend.

Meteorologist Lauren Pattie said there is a chance of isolated rain.

"Owen has moved offshore a little while ago and most of the rain associated has moved off with him," she said.

"Similarly with thunderstorm activity that has all moved offshore now so that's an easing trend into Tuesday.

"We do have some onshore flow and there's an upper trough in the area as well as ex-Owen so there still a chance of seeing some showers about and some isolated thunderstorms, but nothing like the exceptional weather we saw."

A ridge moving through the area in the middle of the week will see things start to stabilise with very isolated and light showers along the coastal corridor expected from Wednesday.

Residents can expect temperatures in the mid 30s as heatwave conditions return to the central interior.

For the all- important Christmas Day forecast, Lauren said an upper trough system moving from the southwest of the state reaching Gladstone by the weekend may cause some headaches.

"On Saturday the chance of seeing shower and storm activity returns and it lingers around on Sunday as well," she said.

"On Monday morning is the clearance and that's Christmas eve.

"I'd expect meteorologically that pattern will continue, with the trough system moving more towards the northeast and that clearance will set in, so you'll probably end up with a partly cloudy or mostly sunny Christmas day."