Rubble illegally dumped at an Agnes Water creek bed earlier this month.
Rubble illegally dumped at an Agnes Water creek bed earlier this month.

REVEALED: How council will crack down on illegal dumping

DESPITE the increase of illegal dumping, Gladstone Regional Council said it would be ‘financially unsustainable’ to waiver all dump fees to discourage illegal dumpers.

Gladstone Region Mayor Matt Burnett said council devoted a considerable amount of infrastructure and labour resources to the processing of waste.

Cr Burnett said council received some financial assistance from the Queensland Government to ensure most resources were provided at a minimum cost to the community, however such assistance did not cover all of council’s costs.

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“Since waste charges are calculated on a cost recovery basis, it would be financially unsustainable to advocate the waiving of all fees due to the unfortunate practice of illegal dumping,” Cr Burnett said.

Cr Burnett said council conducted 106 illegal dumping investigations between April to June this year, with Illegal Dumping Enforcement Officers conducting patrols in hotspot areas.

Cr Burnett said items that were illegally dumped included general domestic waste, household and personal items, green waste, car bodies and batteries, tyres, whitegoods, old furniture, mattresses, bikes, steel, clothing and toys.

“Many investigations are generated by conducting patrols in hotspot areas and locating illegally dumped waste and carrying out an investigation from there,” he said.

“Having a dedicated Illegal Dumping Enforcement Officer has allowed council to spend more time going to hotspot areas and investigate any findings.”

Cr Burnett said council’s current illegal dumping campaign, Don’t Dump in Our Backyard, would educate the public on what illegal dumping was and how to properly and responsibly dispose of waste.

He said funding received from the Queensland Government’s Department of Environmental Science had allowed council to employ a full-time Illegal Dumping Enforcement Officer since April 2020.

“Having a dedicated officer means more time can be spent on investigations and proactive action,” he said.

“Employment of a dedicated officer was a requirement for the funding.”

What you can dispose for free at Council waste facilities:

  • Scrap metal
  • Cardboard
  • Clean concrete
  • Clean timber
  • Timber
  • Paint
  • E-waste
  • Engine Oil
  • Cooking Oil
  • White goods (excluding air conditioners/fridges/freezers)

Small Loads of general waste

  • Up to 240l wheelie bin general was (domestic) – no charge
  • Per car boot general waste (domestic) – no charge
  • Clean fill less than 2 tonnes (domestic) – no charge
  • Green waste – uncontaminated – less than 500kg (domestic) – no charge.

Residents can view Gladstone Regional Council’s 2020-21 Waste Management fees and charges here.