REVEALED: Gladstone political donors snub LNP

WHEN it comes to bringing nothing to the party, Gladstone knows a thing or two.

Political donors from the Gladstone electorate have not given a cent to the Liberal National Party in 23 months.

Demonstrating just how faithful to the Labor Party the region is, five residents and one business, Northern Oil Refinery, have donated a combined $15,350 to the party's Queensland branch since January 1, 2016.

The Observer's analysis of donations published on the Electoral Commission Queensland's electronic disclosure system for the two major parties' safest seats showed Gladstone was one of just two electorates to only financially support one party.

Gladstone has long been known as a Labor town and ahead of the November 25 state election the port city is the party's third safest seat, with a margin of 25.3 per cent.

Gladstone's Philip Hansen is the only person to donate to the party since the election was called.

Since January 1 last year, Elizabeth Zussino, Zac Beers, Bill Robertson and Anthony Beers have all donated to Labor.

The only other electorate to donate to a sole party was Labor's safest seat, Bundamba.

But, interestingly, it was the to LNP that residents of the Ipswich suburb donated exclusively, with three donations worth $6457.

While the LNP received more than 23 donations worth $68,495 from residents and businesses in its safest seat, Surfer's Paradise, donors also gave $20,000 to Labor.

There were no Labor donations from residents in the LNP's second biggest supporting electorate, Southern Downs, but two donors spent $8000 in support of independent Robert Mackenzie.

Only one donor in Nanango, the LNP's seventh safest seat, gave money to Labor, while 13 donated to the LNP.

More than $2.1 million has been donated to Queensland political parties since the state election was called on October 29.

The LNP has taken the lion's share, receiving $1,099,710 so far.

The Australian Labor Party Queensland has pocketed almost half of what the LNP has, $569,899.

Meanwhile, the Greens have received $77,650 and Pauline Hanson's One Nation $16,265.

Donors in Callide, which this year includes Calliope for the first time, have donated $10,000 to the LNP since the start of October.

During the same period, one donation of $380 was given to the ALP.

One of the three Burnett residents who donated to the LNP since January 1 gave $31,500.

While no donations were made to the Australian Labor Party Queensland, a Burnett resident donated $2000 to Queensland Greens.


- This year the Electoral Commission Queensland started publishing political donations in real time.

- Donations must now be revealed within seven business days, with the donor and party required to lodge matching returns.

- To see donations visit