Jacob Harvey.
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REVEALED: Get to know a rising star for BITS

Jacob Harvey

1: When did you start playing cricket, where and who for?

Played U10s for BITS in 1999-2000 when I was four.

2: Thoughts on this new best-of-three grand final series?

I think it will yield positive results for the local cricket scene.

3: Your biggest strength in the game?

Biggest strength would be with the bat most definitely and I don't mind a catch in gully or point either. 

4: Career highlights?

Highlights would be my last season as a junior for sure and had a great time playing on Friday nights with a strong team opening the bat and averaging somewhere in the 100s for the season I think. No centuries yet, but there's still a couple games left yet so who knows what that will bring.

5: Biggest influence?

Biggest influence for me and most likely any other lefty would have to be Gilly (Adam Gilchrist), monster striker of the ball and could put it where ever he wanted. 

6: Funniest team-mate?

Ky Hull

7: Most annoying team-mate?

Ky Hull

8: Funniest thing you have seen on the cricket field when playing?

Being roasted by Ky Hull for getting bowled first ball trying to leave it a couple years ago always gets a giggle.

9: How can you beat The Glen?

I believe a tight bowling attack will be a key factor for a victory against The Glen.

10: What's the best thing about playing the game?

Best part is always about having fun and getting together with mates and meeting new ones, win or lose staying positive and improving yourself and your team is another key to enjoying the game.