The businesses failing to comply with safety standards in the Gladstone region.
The businesses failing to comply with safety standards in the Gladstone region.

REVEALED: 11 Gladstone eateries ordered to improve standards

SIX businesses had their licences surrendered and 11 had improvement notices for failing to comply with food safety standards across the Gladstone region, reports show.

The latest findings by Queensland Health Food Safety Act 2006 released in October revealed 336 inspections were performed by Gladstone Regional Council in the 2018/19 financial year, inclusive of routine, follow up and complaint inspections.

Of the 336 inspections conducted, six inspections were complaint related, 299 were routine inspections, and 31 were reinspections.

The reports show 79 food complaints were received that year.

Gladstone Region Mayor Matt Burnett said the council would not release the names of the businesses that had complaints.

"Due to privacy we cannot disclose information beyond that, especially when complaints are not always substantiated," Cr Burnett said.

The findings revealed 11 businesses had improvement notices issued.

An improvement notice is provided for minor to moderate cleanliness issues such as build-up of grease in the exhaust canopy, minor structural defects like cracked tiles, using cracked or chipped plates, ineffective pest control, or not maintaining paper towels at a hand wash basin.

The report also revealed six businesses had their licence surrendered by the licensee.

Cr Burnett said the council would not be able to disclose the surrender of licences, however this was generally businesses choosing to close.

Gladstone Regional Council said 398 routine food inspections were conducted during the 19/20 financial year.

A report has not been released by Queensland Health for that period yet.



Local government - Gladstone Regional Council

Food businesses licensed at 30 June 2019 - 257

Businesses with a nominated food safety supervisor - 207

Businesses that require a FSP that have an accredited FSP - 22

Total inspections performed - 336

Routine or scheduled inspections - 299

Follow-up or reinspections - 31

Complaint inspections performed - 6

Complaints received - 79

FTE employees committed to food regulation - 3

Are contractors used to perform food regulation tasks? No

Improvement notices issued - 11

Number of seizures undertaken - 0

Number of licences suspended after show cause process - 0

Number of licences immediately suspended - 0

Number of licences cancelled - 0

Number of licences surrendered by the licensee - 6

Number of PINs issued - 4

Number of prosecutions undertaken - 0