The iconic Beppi's restaurant has hit out a group who didn't turn up for their booking. Picture: Instagram/@beppisrest
The iconic Beppi's restaurant has hit out a group who didn't turn up for their booking. Picture: Instagram/@beppisrest

Restaurant shames ‘selfish’ no-shows

One of Australia's oldest Italian restaurant has slammed a group of six "disgraceful" customers who didn't turn up or even bother to cancel their reservation last week.

Beppi's in Darlinghurst, in Sydney's east, was first established in 1956 and has been dishing up Italian family favourites for generations.

But like the rest of Australia's hospitality industry, the Sydney institution has been devastated by the coronavirus crisis, with tough trading restrictions decimating cash flow.

At the moment, restaurants are able to open to just 10 diners at a time, meaning no-shows are especially disastrous for a business's bottom line.

That's why the restaurant spoke out when a table of six failed to show up for their booking last Thursday.

Taking to Facebook late last week, the iconic eatery firstly celebrated the NSW Government's easing of restrictions that mean from June 1, the limit will be lifted to allow 50 customers on the premises at a time.

It said the restaurant had received an "overwhelming response" from diners keen to head back to the icon, and that it had been "great to hear the sounds of diners back in our restaurant".

However, the restaurant explained that "one disappointment" had been the few customers who made a coveted reservation - only to fail to show up.

"Last night we had a total of table of 6 (sic) did not show. 60 per cent of our revenue GONE," the post reads.

Beppi's has been a Sydney icon since the 1950s.
Beppi's has been a Sydney icon since the 1950s.

"No call to cancel, phone just goes to message bank. Disgraceful behaviour.

"We are temped to post the name and number of the customer however thought best not."

Beppi's explained it had made the "conscious decision not to take credit card details or deposits" and to trust customers, and that the "overwhelming majority" had been fantastic.

But the post claimed those who did the wrong thing were wreaking havoc.

"The selfish few spoil it for others and inflict further financial pain of an industry already decimated by the pandemic," the post continues.

"Grazie mille to all those customers supporting and respecting our industry during these tough times."

Other loyal Beppi's customers slammed the no-shows, describing it as "disgraceful" and "shocking behaviour", with one diner urging the restaurant to "name and shame" offenders as "it's not appropriate to no show!"

Sadly, Beppi's experience is not an isolated incident.

On May 16, Sydney cocktail bar Low 302 made headlines after it similarly slammed a group that did not turn up for their booking just one day after restrictions eased, allowing patrons into bars and restaurants for the first time in weeks.

In a Facebook post, furious owner Aref Jaroud directly appealed to a woman named "Aimee" who had made the original booking.

"Hi Aimee. We thank you for making a booking at Low for four people. Right now that is 40% of our entire capacity," he wrote.

"The thing is Aimee, you didn't show up for your booking. You didn't have the common courtesy to call us up and cancel.

"Maybe you have no idea the financial impact this has on a restaurant right now. Maybe you don't care. You have single-handedly set the worst of precedence for our entire industry at this most difficult time."

He signed off by saying: "Aimee, there is a special place for you to burn in hospo hell."

The emotional post also hit a chord with patrons who condemned Aimee and her friends.