A still from Bruce Skelton's video showing a full truck parking bay - but not of trucks.
A still from Bruce Skelton's video showing a full truck parking bay - but not of trucks.

REST STOP DISRESPECT: 'It's beyond a joke'

"I'VE paid my taxes for years and I'm entitled to park wherever I want", "Why don't you take more drugs and keep driving" and "I don't care what the sign says, no-one's going to book me and make me move on."

As incredible as it sounds, those are things that Grey Nomads have said to Brisbane-based truckie Bruce Skelton.

"It's beyond a joke," the frustrated driver told Big Rigs after sharing a video depicting the Yelgun truck stop at 5am one morning - full of Grey Nomads and no space for truckies.

"It's just one video I've taken over the years of (them) taking up parks," he said.

"I do it so when someone says 'no they don't park in truck stops' I can show them. It happens six out of seven nights a week."

Bruce said the frustration builds when truckies are out on the roads, working and trying to make a living and not break the law, but free parking bays were getting "harder and harder" to find.

Full truck parking bays: Bruce Skelton filmed this at the Yelgun truck stop

He said he had approached some drivers and tried to explain the situation but was always met with disrespect and no understanding.

"They (Grey Nomads) don't care and say why don't you take more drugs and keep going and that they're entitled to camp wherever they want because they pay their taxes," he said.

"Unfortunately, that's the public's opinion of (truck drivers."

Bruce said he believed the government needed to "take responsibility" for the parkin bays and "realize the caravanners do this".

"There needs to be someone you can ring so they can police it (the no parking rules). There's no point putting up signs that say no camping, no standing if they're not enforced.

"We cannot manage our fatigue if we can't park."

Bruce said he didn't know what the answer was but had spoken to a few blokes over the years who reckon "let their tyres down, blast your horn", but he said that won't solve the issue.

"That doesn't achieve anything, it only makes us worse in their eyes. The only way (to stop it) is if they start to enforce the regulations and move people on," he said.

"Caravan associations talk about it, but every few months we get a whole new breed of caravanners who have no idea and have to learn from scratch.

"Do you make them get a whole new licence - a caravan licence - like we need to do (to drive trucks)? I don't think there's an easy answer to it."