REPORT: Resource leaders show confidence in sector.
REPORT: Resource leaders show confidence in sector.

Resources survey ‘gives hope’ to Queensland economy

A SURVEY of Queensland's resources leaders found a majority expected to grow their workforce this year.

The Queensland Resources Council has released its State of the Sector Report for the December quarter.

A survey within the report, taken before the impacts of COVID-19 began to unfold, showed confidence in the sector's position.

QRC chief executive Ian Macfarlane said the report gave hope to the Queensland economy.

"(The survey) found 55 per cent of QRC member CEOs expected to increase their workforce, with 20 per cent expecting substantial increases of more than a quarter of their workforce," Mr Macfarlane said.

Only 15 per cent expected a decrease in their workforce over the same period.

Mr Macfarlane recognised the economic shift that had occurred since the survey due to coronavirus.

"What it does tell us is the resources sector was performing strongly with future employment intentions very strong," he said.

"The resources sector is taking extraordinary measures to keep their staff, their communities and their state safe."