Port development at Keppel Bay is off the radar - QRC boss

MICHAEL Roche has moved to assure Central Queensland residents that port development at Keppel Bay is "off the agenda".

The Queensland Resources Council chief executive made the declaration in Rockhampton yesterday.

"The resources industry is a very strong supporter of the Queensland Port Strategy and what that port strategy involves is confining port development to existing port precincts, including in Gladstone Harbour," Mr Roche said.

"It's important for people in Central Queensland to know that that port strategy does not include dredging for a major port development in Keppel Bay.

"Keppel Bay is off the agenda."

Mr Roche said there was plenty of opportunity for the resources sector to use ports at Abbot Point, Hay Point, Townsville, Gladstone and Brisbane.

The QPS will be the Queensland Government's blueprint for managing and improving the efficiency and environmental management of the state's ports network over the next decade.

During his visit, Mr Roche also released a checklist of co-ordinated activism he said was aimed at shutting down Queensland's export coal and gas industries.

He said it was nearly two years to the day that the strategy document, Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom, was leaked to the media.

"The signatories to the strategy document have all contributed to campaigns high on slogans but void of science to support claims that shipping and port dredging are major threats to the environmental health of the Great Barrier Reef," he said.

He said the campaign was trying to change the "economic story" of coal and gas by portraying the industries as bad rather than of major benefit to the state's economy.

"We will have to fight fire with fire and we will do so with facts and science," he said.