Dripping tap. Water restrictions. Saving water (PHOTO: Jessica McGrath)
Dripping tap. Water restrictions. Saving water (PHOTO: Jessica McGrath)

Residents urged to turn back taps at peak times

RESIDENTS are urged to be waterwise while temperatures remain high across the region.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast maximum temperatures to remain above 30C with some parts of the region to reach high 30s until December 12.

Gladstone Regional Council has said there was a spike in water usage across all reservoirs in the region, in particular from 4pm-10pm.

The council has urged ­residents to be mindful of water usage and avoid unnecessary consumption during this time.

Gladstone region mayor Matt Burnett encouraged ­residents to consider ways they can make a difference to their water consumption habits.

"There is plenty of small and effective steps people can take to reduce individual water usage," Mr Burnett said.

"This includes limiting showers to four minutes, only turning the dishwasher and washing machine on when you have a full load and checking your property for any potential water leaks.

"Other steps such as not ­letting the tap run while ­preparing food or brushing your teeth can also help in reducing water usage," Mr Burnett said.

Earlier this year, the Gladstone region was drought declared by the Queensland Government.

GRC has set up a Gladstone Region Drought Appeal to ­assist local primary producers.

"We launched this appeal last week in partnership with the Salvation Army and it will be active throughout December and January.

"Donations are encouraged at upcoming community events, including the Santos GLNG Mayor's Carols presented by 4CC, New Year's Eve and Australia Day events," Mr Burnett said.

Ticket sales from Super Rugby pre-season will also be donated to the Gladstone Region Drought Appeal.

For more information, go to gladstone.qld.gov.au/water-wise or visit council offices to receive a Water Wise kit.