TOUGH BREAK: Wesfarmers have decided to close down Biloela's Target Country.
TOUGH BREAK: Wesfarmers have decided to close down Biloela's Target Country.

Residents putting up a fight to keep beloved store

IT might be a long shot but Biloela residents and business groups have created a petition to keep the doors of target Country open beyond the planned closure in early 2021.

Spearheaded in a joint effort by the Callide Dawson Chamber of Commerce, Biloela Enterprise and Callide MP Colin Boyce, these business groups don't want to see the store go after 21 years of trade.

Shockwaves were felt in the Biloela community and across regional Australia after Wesfarmers announced the closure of 167 Target stores on May 22.

This included the closure of the Biloela store for early 2021 as well as closing down the Moranbah and emerald stores as well as converting the Yeppoon store to a Kmart.

Callide Dawson Chamber of Commerce president Steve Bates said the McConaughy Group have told him they would back the petition.

"The overall goal would be for Wesfarmers to keep our Target Country store operational and to find another way to stabilise their business model," Mr Bates said.

"It's their hierarchy that have ruined their profit margins by making poor decisions.

"This has nothing to do with us, the shoppers."

Mr Bates believes the overall goal is realistic, dependant on the notion company CEO's listen to the people that buy their products. 

"Two or three thousand signatures would be a great start, hopefully more," Mr Bates said.  

"If you're passionate about your town then sign the petition, if you're sick of big business ignoring your needs then sign the petition.

"This is the first step in encouraging local people in our small country towns to be proud of what we have and to fight tooth and nail to keep everything we have.

"Large corporations won't listen if we sit back and say "oh well, there's nothing i can do about this".

You can find the petition on 'Colin Boyce MP-Member for Callide' Facebook page or at