Residents object to LNG 'affordable housing' project

RESIDENTS are objecting to a proposed 32-unit development in West Gladstone and say we have enough high density living.

Gladstone Affordable Housing (GAH), an organisation funded by the three local LNG proponents, has applied to develop the project at 7-11 Fisher St.

Gladstone Regional Council has called for objections, and local residents have banded together.

"As we know the vacancy rates are rising and as more units are being completed this will only continue to rise," Annette Smolej said.

"(We) are not happy about the development which appears to be a four-floor monolith.

"The plans that have been submitted appear to not take into account items listed under the residential code, the environment code and the local suburban locality code."

Mayor Gail Sellers said no two proposals are the same.

"For each of the outcomes referred to by Ms Smolej, the planning scheme provides a list of probable and acceptable solutions but these may not be the only solutions," she said.

"It is the developer's responsibility to demonstrate how their proposed development will achieve these outcomes."

Cr Sellers said our population is still growing.

"The current population of 65,000 is projected to grow to more than 111,000 in the next 18 years," she said.

"If we are to accommodate this influx of residents then we will need an additional 900 units of housing each year."

GAH general manager Rebecca Oelkers said the development will help the local service industries and provide a mix of affordable housing rentals and sales.