Generic fire photos. Fire and Rescue NSW emblem.
Generic fire photos. Fire and Rescue NSW emblem.

Residents escape midnight fire in granny flat

FIREFIGHTERS were called out shortly before midnight to extinguish a fire in a grant flat at Terranora.

Tweed Fire & Rescue Station Officer Mark Johnson said two fire trucks and a Hazmat vehicle attended the incident.


"We were called out about 23.30 (11.38pm) and were on scene within six minutes," he said.

"It was fire in a granny flat in Park St, Terranora and everyone got out safely."

Fire crews arrived on scene shortly after to find smoke issuing from a granny flat attached to a single level house.

Mr Johnson said the fire was confirmed to own room.

According to F&R NSW, the point of origin and seat of the fire was a mattress which was removed from the granny flat and extinguished.
Power was isolated shortly after.

"We had two firefighting appliance and two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus conducted a frontal attack using one line (hose) of water," he said.

"We also had the Hazmat crew there to supply more cylinders for the BA crews."

A Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) fan was used to remove the remaining smoke from the residential premises. An Altair 5x Gas Detector was used to monitor atmospheric levels, and an all clear was given shortly after.

A stop message was sent at 00:53 hours, and the incident site was handed back over to the occupants. Approximately 80 per cent of the granny flat was damaged due to smoke however the adjoining house was saved.

Mr Johnson said the incident was called in by a resident.

"Police and ambulance attended as did the and electrical authority," he said.

There were initial reports of one missing occupant, and during a primary search of the residence, further information suggested the occupant had left the scene prior to FRNSW arrival.

F&R NSW remind residents to leave your house and ring 000 immediately in the event of a fire.