The devastation left after fire tore through Rappville.
The devastation left after fire tore through Rappville. Marc Stapelberg

Residents describe the horror of Rappville fire

BLISTERED by the bushfire which razed 10 homes and damaged five in the village of Rappville, the tiny community is determined to stand together.

Resident Cam McInnes with his son Jarrod, 8, helped save their own home and that of their neighbours.

Fighting back tears, an emotional Mr McInnes said the fire which ripped through their street was "horrible."

He said the residents feared for their lives.

"We fought the fire all night and we have not stopped yet," he said.

"If we did not stay and fight the fire we would have lost everything."

Holding tight to his son's hand, Mr McInnes said he was grateful his family still had their home.

"The fire came in so quick," he said.

"The RFS did as an amazing job they protected the school and all the homes they could and saved the pub.

"We are all shocked, the speed of the fire was horrendous."

Mr McInnes said the Rappville community would all pull together to help those less fortunate.

"We will continue to stick together," he said.

"If we don't, then we don't have a community.

"Now we need to help those who lost their homes."

Neighbours Kerrie Pugsley and her daughter Nikitia and her children Zaylee 1, and Axel, 3, said they survived thanks to the community coming together.

Ms Pugsely said the family sheltered in the Rappville School.

Holding her grandson Axel, Ms Pugsley said the fires blasted around Rappville like nothing she had ever seen before.

"I wouldn't want to go through that again," she said.

"We all helped each other, we used buckets and dribbled the water onto the fire."

"It took a good 30 or so minutes, so I spent the night there to make sure it did not flare up again."

Resident David Jones, 20, said he and his house mates managed to save their home using buckets of water.

"The fire hit us about 5pm and took us quite by surprise," he said.

He said the fire was underneath their house and they they stayed awake all night.

Normally home to 200 residents, Rappville is almost deserted, with only a few people still there.

A lone bird circles above the houses, acrid smoke fills the air and burned leaves rain down on the blackened ground.

Driving along Summerland Way towards Rappville, smoke billows as flames lick the nearby trees.

Crews are busy clearing massive fallen trees off Rappville Rd.