Research reveals shopping habits of men and women

DESPITE the obvious appeal of actor Ryan Gosling, research from IKEA FAMILY has revealed that mothers are the preferred shopping companion for Australian women.

However, the research showed that men would prefer to shop with Miranda Kerr than their mother.

Men were shown to be the top spenders when it comes to homewares shopping, spending 26% more than women each year.

Women make homewares shopping trips eight times more frequently than men each year, though.

The research also revealed gender differences in what we buy for the home, with women more likely to spend on smaller, decorative items while men tend to purchase big-ticket items such as furniture and lighting.

The IKEA FAMILY research also unveiled the shopping behaviours of IKEA FAMILY members, identifying their true purchasing personas:

"Smart Buyers" - 41%

  • Invest in a few more-expensive signature items and complement them with budget-friendly pieces.

"Addicted to Decorating" - 22%

  • Start one decorating project before finishing another.

"Trainee" - 16%

  • Enjoy buying homewares, but feel they are not very good at it.

"The Organised" - 12%

  • Have everything at home matched and stored properly.

"Panic Buyer" - 6%

  • Only consider redecorating what they have to.

"Interior Decorating Disorder Sufferer" - 3%

  • The thought of interior decorating makes them squirm with discomfort.

"The IKEA FAMILY has revealed a number of different personalities when it comes to shopping," IKEA Australia Marketing Director Rebecca Darley has said.

"No matter how different their shopping habits may be, what binds them all together is their commonality - they come to IKEA to for inspiration and to purchase functional and beautiful homewares that cater to all budgets."

The survey of more than 60,000 IKEA FAMILY members was conducted to mark the IKEA FAMILY loyalty program signing up its one-millionth member.

To celebrate, IKEA has launched a new IKEA FAMILY store inside IKEA retailers, featuring products at a special member-only price, an extended 12-month return policy and free store-to-home insurance to cover any accidental damage of their IKEA purchases on the journey home.

Each time a member shops and swipes their card they are entered into a weekly IKEA gift card drawn and IKEA will donate 10 cents to charity.

To find out more about IKEA FAMILY and how you can join, visit your closest IKEA store or