ANITA Coad is fed up with people who don't bother to desex their cats.

Over the past five years her Tannum Sands home has become a cat rescue centre as she tries to save abandoned cats from being put down.

>> Complaints about pets one of council's biggest issues

Last year Gladstone Regional Council had to destroy 172 cats and each week Ms Coad answers at least three phone calls to collect new ones.

Two warm winters have meant breeding has been rife and just this week she took three new kittens in, adding to the 25 already in her care.

"I feel really overwhelmed that I am not getting through to people," Ms Coad said.

"I know it's not my responsibility, but I feel I am the caretaker of these cats and someone has to speak for them."

Desexing is the only solution to what is a growing problem of homeless cats, she said.

"The problem has escalated. I am probably getting two three calls a week to pick up cats.

"People need to understand it's their pet and their responsibility.

"There is not enough room for anymore unwanted kittens. They just can't all be saved."

She hopes the council will run another desexing campaign this year to help reduce the impact of uncontrolled breeding.

"We need to push for it," she said.

"It will be a few years before we notice the difference, but we need to do something.

"There are too many on the streets and they need to be in homes and to feel loved."