The State Government has released its findings so far on water quality in Gladstone Harbour.
The State Government has released its findings so far on water quality in Gladstone Harbour. Brenda Strong

Report summarises fish health findings for Gladstone Harbour

THE Queensland Government has released a report summarising the key findings so far of its investigation into Gladstone Harbour.

The findings on water quality, fish and human health in the Gladstone Harbour 2012 Program Report are not new, but provide a new, collated collection.

"The findings continue to show no evidence to link water quality with illness in fish or people, and pleasingly, clear evidence that fish health has improved significantly," Environment Minister Andrew Powell said.

"Since concerns were raised in August 2011 by commercial fishers about the health of fish in Gladstone waterways, Gladstone Harbour has undergone a rigorous testing regime.

"The whole-of-government investigation, led by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, has involved 12 months of fish health, water quality and sediment sampling and testing as well as on-going investigations into any health concerns reported by fishers in the Gladstone area.

"We are now waiting only for the laboratories to process tissue samples of a wide range of fish, crustaceans and molluscs which are undergoing more detailed studies.

"These results will be published along with reports incorporating all information from the investigation," Mr Powell said.

The program report collates the findings of previously released Queensland Government publications, including:

  • 12 water quality reports
  • 12 sets of water quality data
  • 11 fish health reports
  • two sediment reports
  • two scientific advisory panel reports
  • three external reports
  • 24 marine wildlife strandings reports
  • 18 seagrass reports
  • nine Gladstone Fish Health Extended Oversight Committee meeting outcomes.

All previously released publications and results of Gladstone water quality and fish health investigations, including the 2012 Program Report, are available at

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