New harbour report finds plumes

NEW research into the health of Gladstone Harbour has contradicted last year's state government-commissioned report.

Research conducted by James Cook University found toxic dredging plumes in Gladstone Harbour had spread up to 35km into the sea.

The new report, which was commissioned by the Gladstone Fishing Research Fund, contradicts last year's government report which found dredging did not affect water quality. The research also suggests dredging was not connected to skin lesions and cloudy eyes found in locally caught fish.

Local fisherman Trevor Falzon said the study would boost calls for compensation. Gladstone Ports Corporation has insisted floodwater was the cause of sick fish in the harbour.

This is the third report Gladstone locals have commissioned through donations from the community.

Previous reports by marine expert Dr Matt Landos found the immune system of fish and crabs were impacted by heavy metals stirred up by dredging. The Gladstone Fishing Research Fund is calling for GPC and the state government to be honest about activity in the harbour.