Repeat thief smacked with crippling fine, told prison is next

A man has walked out of court with a hefty debt hanging over his head after stealing hundreds of dollars worth of alcohol and driving on a disqualified licence.

On Friday, Anthony Mark Day, 24, pleaded guilty to four stealing charges and one count of disqualified driving.

Gladstone Magistrates Court was told Day stole from several different businesses between June 10 and June 23 including cash from another customer.

On June 10, Day kicked things off at BWS Kirkwood with his little brother, stealing two bottles of rum and three bottles of Jagermeister.

Two days later, Day stole more items from BWS.

When police showed him the CCTV footage, Day said there "was something wrong with the cameras".

That same day, the defendant stole a number of food items including milo, and ice cream from a Caltex service station at Benaraby.

11 days later at Boyne Island, Day was using a self-checkout at Woolworths when he found $100 the previous customer had withdrawn as cashout but forgotten to take.

Day took the cash without any attempt to return it.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Balan Selvadurai said because of the defendant's criminal history, he would be seeking a prison term suspended for 12 months as penalty.

"He's continually not complied with court orders ... he's been given the benefit of probation before for serious offences and he hasn't taken that seriously," Sen-Constable Selvadurai said.

"The defendant will have that (suspended imprisonment) hanging over his head. That will be an incentive and a deterrence."

But Magistrate Melanie Ho told the court imprisonment was the last resort and a jump to that serious of a penalty "would be unjust".

"This'll be his last opportunity. He knows which way he's heading," she said.

Ms Ho noted the "substantial" fine Day would be penalised with and suggested he find a job.

On top of the order to pay restitution and the $500 fine for the thefts, Day was fined $750 and disqualified from driving for two years due to his traffic offence, which saw him drive on a disqualified licence on August 5.

"Next time you appear before this court ... you may, with your history, be considering terms of imprisonment. So you've been told," Ms Ho said.

A conviction was recorded.