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Repeat domestic violence offender released into community

A BUNDABERG father who was released on bail last Monday, only to reappear in court for breaching his bail condition on Friday has again been released into the community.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his ex-partner and children, appeared in custody on Friday morning.

He pleaded guilty to the contravention of a domestic violence order.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess said an incident involving the man and a woman had been drawn to the attention of police.

Last Monday, the man had four domestic violence matters finalised in court, and a condition of his bail was to not have any contact with the woman or to come within 100 metres of her and their children.

But on the Thursday, the pair went to an event together.

On the way to the event, the woman bought the man a pie, but when she denied the man's attempts to convince her to rekindle their relationship, he threw the pie at her chest.

The arguments continued through the afternoon where several of their children were witnesses of the behaviour.

One child was in the car when the pair were arguing, when the woman asked to be let out and the man accelerated.

Sgt Burgess urged Magistrate Neil Lavaring to consider the "prevalence of this sort of offending in society".

"He continues on bail to breach conditions ... there has to be some form of personal deterrence," Sgt Burgess said.

"The fact he has located her and wouldn't let her out of the car and accelerated is serious.

"... Fines haven't worked, he has some serious difficulty here."

Defence lawyer Lavonda Maloy said he "has instructed while he was described as having thrown the pie at the aggrieved, he instructs the pie didn't launch itself into the air and hit the aggrieved, he instructs he thrust the pie ... it remained in his hand but had contact with her torso".

The man was released on probation for 12 months.