Experience, knowledge, drive and passion still count for something these days.
Experience, knowledge, drive and passion still count for something these days.

Reinventing yourself is achievable, even after 50

IT'S hard to reinvent yourself when you're the wrong side of 50.

You've known only one thing all your life and then something happens to force you to change tack.

But trust me, reinvention is possible. Experience, knowledge, drive and passion are still valuable commodities.

I've seen others reinvent themselves many times - due to divorce, the death or illness of a loved one, or some sort of epiphany moment that propelled friends toward the life they really wanted to lead.

I've seen it when people give up teaching, for example, to become full-time artists or musicians. Or when corporate types leave their high-powered jobs to set up stalls at local markets selling one product they've developed or truly believe in. Or when nurses and tradespeople put their hand up for government election.

We've all learnt to adapt ourselves over the years - perhaps without even realising and with little fuss.

In any long career, we step up into new roles and shift course.

As a journalist for nearly 40 years, I know something about adaptation and readjustment in an ever-changing technological world.

Yet while staying put in the one company for much of that, I've always felt like I've been "moving on to bigger and better things".

The Sunshine Coast Daily has been my security blanket for nearly 35 years. And it's been a true comfort. Reliable. Dependable. A family.

I've embraced and been embraced by an ever-changing group of people dedicated to communicating breaking news and important information to our community, sharing emotional highs and lows, championing causes and righting wrongs, putting bums on seats at events large and small, giving battlers a hand up and acknowledging our finest citizens and sporting heroes.

And I've always loved being a part of that news cycle and process.

I wasn't looking for change. Change found me.

So now I'm reinventing myself, following my passion and throwing caution to the wind.

And it seems a good fit. That's why something I thought I would never do is so easy to take on.

I'm heading out into the big, wide world without a net and I am excited.

Wish me luck.