Cody Ison caught this long-nosed emerpor on a madstad stickbait just off a Whitsunday reef.
Cody Ison caught this long-nosed emerpor on a madstad stickbait just off a Whitsunday reef. Contributed

WATCH: long-nosed emperor a first for angler

CODY Ison caught this long-nosed emperor in the same trip his mate Michael Gunning landed a 25kg giant trevally.

He landed it on a madstad stickbait and quickly released it after the photo was taken - but not before it spiked his hand.

"I just had a sore thumb for a couple of days, it's all good, no hard feelings for the little guy," Ison laughed.

Gunning introduced Ison to fishing with lures four years ago but this was the first long-nosed emperor he'd caught.

Along with their mate Tom Capewell, the fishing friends try to get out on the water whenever they can.

"I just love being on the water, it's an entirely different world out there," Ison said.

"You get to see things most people only ever see on television.

At the moment the whales are around, so it's always exciting to see a whale come up to the boat."

Using lures for fishing is also Ison's sport.

"It's a lot more fun and rewarding to get a fish to hit a lure, there is a sense of accomplishment... you have to actually work for it rather then soaking a bit of bait waiting for the fish to come round," Ison said.

"Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with fishing with bait, it is still just as fun. I just like the sport with lures.

"I reckon you get the more aggressive and harder fighting fish on lures."

Ison said the further north you travelled the better the fishing got, and the Great Barrier Reef was his ultimate fishing spot.

"Fishing there beats any island or creek," he said.

"The reef gets closer and closer the further north you go and there are fewer people there so the spots are pretty well untouched."

There is a healthy rivalry between Gunning and Ison who compete against themselves as much as each other.

"I just love the fact that every cast could produce a fish of a lifetime or something you've never caught before," Ison said.

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