Papa Babacar Diawara (left) scored Adelaide's first goal against Brisbane.
Papa Babacar Diawara (left) scored Adelaide's first goal against Brisbane. DAVID MARIUZ

Reds row ruins win over Roar

ADELAIDE United assistant coach Jacobo Ramallo was allegedly punched after a heated war of words marred the Reds 2-1 win over Brisbane Roar.

Ramallo was apparently floored by the punch after the final whistle as tempers frayed when Sergio Cirio scored a 99th minute winner from the penalty spot.

Roar's Michael Theo expelled for allegedly elbowing Dylan McGowan after spilling a free kick after stoppage time had elapsed looked to have started an argument on the sidelines.

The violent end of game incident which apparently saw first aid officers attend to Ramallo was witnessed by the A-League match commissioner.

Police also converged inside the tunnel to investigate what had happened at the death of the match.

An Adelaide official claimed Football Federation Australia was aware of the incident with a report expected to be lodged last night.

With Adelaide recording just its fourth win of the campaign coach Guillermo Amor was ecstatic with the last gasp win but claimed he didn't see the penalty incident which evidently triggered a brutal finale to a match played in 33C heat.

"I prefer to see this (penalty incident) on television (replay),'' Amor said.

"Now you see this moment it's very difficult it's possible the goalkeeper didn't see the ball in good condition (he dropped the ball) and didn't see McGowan go there.

"And after this I prefer to see this with calm.”

But the clash which was played in good spirit also saw Marcelo Carrusca receive his marching orders after he picked up a second yellow card in the 82nd minute for dissent.

Amor wouldn't blame his No. 10 for losing his cool but Roar boss John Aloisi was remarkably calm after the clash.

He questioned why referee Stephen Lucas decided to award a penalty against his side when it appeared that McGowan tried to delay the gloveman throwing the ball outside the box for a counter attack.

"We're trying to win the football game and Michael Theo gets the ball and he's trying to take a quick throw out to one of our players and he got held by McGowan,” Aloisi said.

"Then as he keeps getting held and as he is about to throw it McGowan is behind him and he's (Theo) hit him.

"Whether it's deliberate I don't know.

"I didn't see it fully but it should be a foul for us and if he (Lucas) thinks it's deliberate then he should send him off but it shouldn't be a penalty.

"But I don't know why he didn't see the (initial)foul in the first place and I don't even know if he (Theo) really went to go and hit him.

"I know Michael Theo very well and he wouldn't deliberately elbow someone.”