Flood recovery is too important for political bickering

Flooded houses in Boyne Island.
Flooded houses in Boyne Island. Chris Chan

LET'S hope our state and federal leaders don't fall into the trap of political bickering over Queensland's flood recovery.

Happily, we can say "so far, so good". Leaders have resisted the temptation to use the crisis as an excuse to attack each other.

That is refreshing, but on Tuesday it threatened to come undone when Federal Labor Senator Joe Ludwig said Premier Campbell Newman had not been calling him.

Perhaps the Premier also stopped sending flowers.

When asked about the matter during his visit to The Observer, the Premier played a straight bat but did accuse the Federal Government of not paying up to $750 million of promised funds from the last flood recovery.

Things didn't get too nasty. Mr Newman said his conversations with the Prime Minister had been "fine" since the rains started and he had no complaints so far.

The flood recovery is more important than political point scoring.

Now is the opportunity for each politician to prove they can rise above the fray.