Region gets ready for digital TV retune

GLADSTONE region residents will experience television disruptions when the Australian Government's Department of Communications carries out its retune of all digital-only televisions.

As part of the national program known as Retune, free-to-air television channels will be transferred to new frequencies.

These moves will free up broadcasting space to allow for new services, such as mobile broadband.

Andrew Proll, from Hook Me Up Antenna Services, said all residents would need to do was to retune their televisions.

"Most people won't have a problem. It's only the elderly that may not know how to retune," he said.

Mr Proll said some areas in Gladstone had better reception than others, with Wurdong Heights being the worst.

Gladstone region Mayor Gail Sellers said different areas would need to retune on different dates from September 3, depending on the location of the transmitter they access.

"The retune affects most viewers across Australia. However, the retune will not affect those residents watching television via the Viewer Access Satellite Television service," Councillor Sellers said.

"Viewers may find televisions will automatically detect channel changes and retune accordingly, or some may prompt you to retune.

"You can also manually retune by selecting the menu button, set-up options and auto-tuning on your television."

Retune dates for the Gladstone region will occur between Wednesday, September 3 and Thursday, October 16, depending on household location.

Residents can find out their retune status at or by phoning 1800 201 013 between 8am-10pm daily.