Television and remote control. Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily
Television and remote control. Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily Brett Wortman

Reception glitch leaves residents without television


Spokesperson for the Australian Government of Communications have said that there have been a few planned maintenance activities in the Gladstone area today which have impacted on television reception.

"There have been several outages of both the Gladstone East site and the Gladstone west site in recent days," they said.

"The ACMA is aware that the Gladstone West site is currently off today for an extended period for scheduled works affecting all services."

It's the second time the Gladstone West site has been off in a matter of days, after a two hour shortage on April 16 took place to replace the aircraft warning beacon on the mast.

"The only other instances was on the 26 March due to an equipment failure at the Gladstone west site for an unspecified amount of time all services affected," they said.

"Reception should pick up after the scheduled works are completed today and viewers should contact the specific TV station in the first instance when there are TV outages."



WHITE noise is all residents will be hearing today after a television reception glitch has Gladstone residents without channels.

According to the Australian Government's 'My Switch' website, the Gladstone area is predicted to be in a poor coverage area and is likely to experience difficulties in receiving the available digital TV services, some or all of the time.

This could include regular pixelation on the digital channels. The digital channels may also freeze or become unavailable for long periods of time.

If you have trouble obtaining television reception from your local transmitters, you may be eligible to access the VAST satellite service. Check the Satellite Eligibility (VAST) section on the left to see whether you can access the VAST service.