Vibe Studio Gladstone manager Miki Gibson with clients Mickalea Potter and Chelsea Bradley.
Vibe Studio Gladstone manager Miki Gibson with clients Mickalea Potter and Chelsea Bradley.

REBRAND: Fitness studio promising good vibes

A GLADSTONE fitness studio has had a facelift with a new brand name and a new location.

Formerly running Positive Existence Personal Training (PEPT) in Gladstone, Miki Gibson has left the franchise to start new brand Vibe Fitness Studios.

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And with the new brand comes a new home, moving the studio out of the shed on Side St to a new location at 4 Crow Street.

Unlike a regular gym, the studio focuses on group fitness classes mixed in challenges.

“We’re more of a niche towards beginners or people starting out and don’t know where to start,” Mrs Gibson said.

“A gym can be quite intimidating as well as not knowing what to do.

“We try to take that feeling away.”

The group sessions run for 45 minutes and can be anything from cardio to strength training and are designed for participants to work out at their own level.

Mrs Gibson also has a certificate in nutrition and is able to help with dietary needs.

The timing of the rebrand could have been hindered by COVID-19 restrictions which forced all gyms to shut, but instead Mrs Gibson found a way to keep clients motivated.

“When we got closed down we were still at Side St still trading as PEPT,” she said.

“We let our clients hire and borrow gear and ran sessions online, we did a COVID isolation challenge and helped them with nutrition through an app.”

Come June when she was able to reopen, the new studio on Crow St was ready and the company had a new name.

“We had a lot of clients support us through the whole rebranding,” Mrs Gibson said.

With the new name and location has also come new clients with numbers growing each week.

Memberships start with online only where people can tune in and work out from home.

A base membership will allow people to come to unlimited classes, the next step up will include challenges, while a premium membership follows a tailored program including nutrition, weigh-ins and check-ups.

“The feedback we get especially from newer people who come in, is they like how they don’t have to think about what work out they’re going to do,” Mrs Gibson said.

“They don’t even have to think about how to do it because a trainer can show them and the trainer is there to help them with it.”

She said a lot of members had developed great relationships together, with one group recently organising a camping trip together.

“It’s more of a family type thing.

“We really encourage that, not just trainers and clients, clients within themselves as well.”

She said anyone is welcome to the classes of any age or fitness ability.

To find out more visit the VIBE Fitness Studios Gladstone Facebook page.