Rebellious kids could learn lessons of old

ONE of my colleagues saw the most amazing thing last week.

She was shopping at the Woolworths store in the Valley shopping centre when a youth came into the store from the Oaka Lane entrance with a hoodie pulled down over his eyes as many do, and rocked up to the cigarette counter.

Nothing unusual in that, I'd guess.

But the unusual thing was that this young fella completed that whole exercise riding his pushbike!

To top it off, he didn't have any ID to show his age, was refused any smokes, and he rode off, uttering hordes of expletives loud enough for all to hear.

The fact that he almost hit our informant, and also a much older lady, in his haste shows his degree of ignorance.

What is it about youth today? Not all youth, mind you, just some.

Most young people who I have met are wonderful kids, and no doubt they will grow to be pillars of society.

But I have my doubts about the ones such as our shop-riding cyclist.

We've all seen them, I'm sure.

Not sure quite what makes them tick, or what it is that makes them feel that it's okay to stick the finger to society in general, ride their skateboards on the footpaths, through the shopping malls without any consideration for anyone else.

For the life of me I cannot remember kids doing that sort of thing in my younger years. If we had done things like that we would have felt the effects of a steel toecap on our backsides.

Perhaps that's half the problem.

We aren't allowed to give anyone a decent kick up the bum to show them what's right and what's not. It's considered not correct to do such things.

But in times gone by it was the norm. Do something wrong or stupid and expect to feel the consequences for at least the next few hours.

Didn't do us any harm way back then.

I can still remember the six of the best from a school teacher and the dog collar from my father on more than one occasion.

Did they do any lasting harm? Not likely - in fact it's my belief that they did me a pile of good.

Try it today and you're likely to end up in big trouble.